Who are we?

Maryann Watkins
Maryann has been with Northern Coatings full time, since 2000. In 2009, Maryann bought the company. Her initial commitment to finding a better way, is what instantly set Northern Coatings apart from everyone else. She could not grasp why people would continue to mask boards, when the equipment is clearly designed to provide a selective conformal coating experience. Hours of blood, sweat and tears allowed her to perfect a process that is still in place today. Through lots of trial and error, she has ensured a way to produce an industry leading product.
Patrick Watkins
Patrick has been with Northern Coatings since 2008. Patrick will work closely with you from the time he receives your Request For Quote, until the finished product arrives in your hands. He can suggest and recommend materials that will work best with your project. He will also use his experience and expertise to ensure what the customer is asking for, is what they really want. Conformal coating is often something where the customer is not entirely sure what it is that they actually need. Patrick will ensure that you have a clear understanding of the most effective way to ensure your product works to the standards you expect.
Bonnie White
Bonnie has been back with Northern Coatings again full time, since 2013. Bonnie first started working with Northern Coatings part time in 2003 while she was a high school student. After years of post secondary education, and working at other jobs - she realized her real dream was to go back to Northern Coatings. Bonnie is responsible for hands on production of your actual product. Bonnie will be responsible for your boards from the time they arrive at our facility, until they leave. She will ensure your counts are accurate in our incoming inspection. She will pull your drawings, set the jigs up, and guide the production workers throughout their process. Bonnie has grasped a total understanding of each customers needs and requirements, which makes her an ideal candidate to ensure the final product passes our outgoing inspection process.
Please don't be afraid to ask us anything. We've heard it all!