Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been conformal coating boards?

Northern Coatings has been in business since 1993. We started out by masking and hand dipping boards. We have since changed everything about our operation. In 1999 we began utilizing a selective conformal coating system, and are capable of accuracy to +/- .001" with no masking required.

Why should we deal with Northern Coatings?

For one, Northern Coatings will always return your phone calls and promptly respond to all RFQ's. Every board is inspected three times to ensure that quality is up to the customer's standards. We guarantee you respect and excellent customer service. But more than that, we get your product back in your hands when you need it with the best possible quality. Why would you go anywhere else?

Is your facility ESD safe?

All employees are provided with ESD safe smocks, footwear and they are provided with ESD (silicone free) hand cream. Our production area is located on proper ESD flooring, and all carts and tables used in any part of the production process are properly grounded and covered with ESD safe mats. At Northern Coatings we completely understand the sensitivity and delicacy of the products we handle. Every hour each employee tests their ESD gear to ensure they are working up to standards, and all results are logged.

Do we have to clean our boards prior to coating?

The most common challenges we see here in dealing with contamination on boards are excess flux residue and silicone contamination. These two factors make it very difficult to ensure the coating adheres properly. Depending on the amount of contamination, at times the conformal coating will appear to have an orange peel type effect.

Is Northern Coatings RoHS compliant?

All coatings used are RoHS compliant. Due to RoHS compliancy, manufacturers have been forced to change contents and finishes of certain products. In some cases this has directly affected the wettability of certain boards or areas of boards. At Northern Coatings we are working very hard in different areas to increase our knowledge on how to continue providing customers with a quality product, despite obstacles we may face.

How quickly can I get my boards back?

Our standard turn around time is 2-3 days. However if you are desperate, it is usually feasible to accommodate a rush. Expedite charges may be added.

What quality standards do you have in place?

Northern Coatings has a Certified Quality System - ISO 9001:2008 currently in place.

We got some boards coated somewhere else, and we need to have them all stripped. Can you do this for us, and recoat them?


On the condition that we coat them first next time, so they're done properly.