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What is Conformal Coating?

Conformal coating is applied to printed circuit boards to act as protection against moisture, dust, chemicals, and extreme temperatures. Boards that are not conformal coated (non-protected) could result in a complete failure of the electronic system. Here is a wikipedia definition of conformal coating.

Why Northern Coatings?

From our exceptional customer service, to our high quality and record fast turnaround - you will be pleased. Conformal coating is easy for us. Due to the extreme accuracy of the selective conformal coating process, there is no need to mask the assemblies prior to coating. When UV cure conformal coatings are used boards cure in a matter of seconds. We have a constant inspection process in place, which allows us to continually provide the level of excellence our customers expect. It's really time you gave us a chance.


"If it needs to be coated, let us do it for you! It's quicker, cleaner and cost-effective."

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